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Twelve songs, including the multiple-award-winning “We Are All Connected.” Some are just me and my guitar, others feature such marvelous Michigan musicians as Jan Krist, Alan Finkbeiner, Paul Finkbeiner, Peter “Madcat” Ruth, David Mosher, Pat Prouty, Dan Kolton, Danny Cox and more. Songs about faith, rivers, baseball and combustible waterfowl. Forty-eight minutes of wonder, groove and surprise. And a really cool package to boot (thanks to Ron Bizer of PWB for design).

  1.  Have a Little Faith
  2.  (Maybe We’re Not) So Far Apart
  3.  We Are All Connected
  4.  Out of Nowhere
  5.  Too Much of a Good Thing
  6.  The River Knows
  7.  Coach
  8.  Gonna Take My Son to Work
  9.  Over My Head
  10.  Kicking and Screaming
  11.  Now It Starts
  12.  Just a Dream