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Closer to the Surface




The tunes on this CD cut through quite a few musical alleys and hop lots of stylistic fences, from the thoughtful solo guitar pieces “Bye” and “Before You Know It” to the full-band extravaganzas “Falling Into It” and “Get to Me”, from the funky roots-rock of “Be Alright” to the reggae of “Wake Up” to the jump swing of “How Do I Look”. Twelve songs of love, life, insanity and natural disasters, catchy as the flu and uniquely Jim Bizer.

  1.  Falling Into it
  2.  Hold On To Me
  3.  Before You Know It
  4.  Be Alright
  5.  Wake Up
  6.  The Ground Moves Under Our Feet
  7.  You Can’t Make Me
  8.  Get To Me
  9.  One Mistake
  10.  How Do I Look?
  11.  Closer to the Surface
  12.  Bye