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About Time




About Time – damn straight.  This record is about time; the concept, the dimension… as well as being long overdue.  A time capsule of the last 20 years or so – some of these songs are brand-new; some Jim has been performing for years and only now are finally available as recordings.  Some of this was recorded completely solo, some with drummer/percussionist Alan Finkbeiner, with guest appearances from Dennis Kingsbury & Maggie Ferguson of Floyd King & the Bushwackers, Jan Krist, and Katie Larson & Sav Madigan of The Accidentals.

  1.  Driving Me Sane
  2.  My Best Friend
  3.  A Little Easier
  4.  Long Stretch of Nowhere
  5.  Man in Your Life
  6.  That Mistake
  7.  I Must Be Dreaming
  8.  Let’s Go to Mars
  9.  Going Nowhere
  10.  Animal Husbandry
  11.  Midnight Girl
  12.  Dreamland
  13.  Bitchin’ and Moanin’